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Melody - Social History Queen


Melody is an actress and writer who trained at the University of East Anglia. She went on to win a scholarship at the Birmingham School of Speech and Drama for her post-graduate year and then won the William Poel Prize for Jacobean and Shakespearian Drama, which led her to play Juliet at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, Southbank.


Her love affair with Tudor history began at an early age upon reading Catherine Howard's letter to her lover, Thomas Culpepper.  Since then she has been fascinated in particular by the Tudors and the characters within the Tudor Court.  She firmly believes that rather than being delivered as a cold plate to reluctant children in dusty classrooms, history should be brought to life, re-lived and breathed into the modern world. It is the people who make the stories vibrant and relevant to us all.


It with with this in mind, she has been lucky enough to work at historic sites such as The Tower of London, Hever Castle, and Hampton Court Place, as a historical interpreter and character guide. Her tours focus in the social aspects of the Tudor period and will take you on a journey inside the Tudor Court, the love affairs and the interesting unknown details that are not found elsewhere. Melody can be all queens to all people...from Anne Boleyn to Catherine Howard, from Kateryn Parr to the Other Bolyen girl...she will spill all their secrets to you and looks forward to welcoming you on her tour.

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