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Robin - The Entertainer


Robin has a travelled the world and is a wise old owl, he fully understands what makes for a memorable tour and will deliver time and again without repeating the same old story.


He is a qualified tour guide of Hampton Court Palace having been a State Apartment Warder here for 4 years, going out of his way to learn everything to become a legend in his own time at the palace. He doesn't play by the rules and as a result is a classy entertainer who tells the story with panache and aplomb.


He can give a tour to all ages, class, profession without hesitation, makes you laugh and question your own knowledge of history.

His stories will not be found on the internet, they are only known by reading books.......and finding the quirky facts to be told in an interesting manner which rarely done by anyone else.


Experienced in many types of tours for young and old, ghostly ones, rooftops, VIPs, wedding parties etc, all with great success.


His historical knowledge crosses all periods and always knows something that others do not thereby providing an off the cuff tour that will provide interesting talk at the dinner table later..........he really is good fun to see the palace and be with!


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