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Welcome to 3 Lions Tours, please allow me to take you on a journey through Hampton Court and all it's glory.....


Here Wolsey rested and gave feasts; Henry VIII entertained, plotted and honeymooned; Mary I sat wearily waiting for the baby that never came; Elizabeth I hunted and intrigued; James talked theology; Charles I collected pictures and slipped secretly through his guards’ hands; Cromwell listened to the organ as Milton played it; Charles II made love; William III made gardens; the Georges planned battles then vowed never to return and closed the Old Lady down.


I provide a high quality tour experience which is fun and educational with plenty of personal anecdotes. As we walk and talk around these old walls which cannot speak for themselves yet have seen it all the palace will come to life before your very eyes, for both young and old alike.


To give you a flavour, there are many stories to be told about all aspects of this magnificent royal palace whether it is royal history or the Grace and Favour residents who had apartments here. Tales of intrigues, scandal, gossip, myths and legends………..some true some not, but rest assured the 3 Lions tell nothing but the truth. We can assure you that after your tour with us you will see Hampton Court in a very different light!


General tours will explore the Tudor Kitchens, Great Hall, Chapel Royal, King’s and Queen’s State Apartments, plus the interlinking corridors and courtyards. You will learn about the history, the buildings, the people who lived here, the valuable contents and maybe even about a ghost or two!

Hampton Court Tours
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This website is currently under reconstruction but the basics are here.....

Hampton Court Tours
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